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Listening, understanding, and responding to each client’s vision begins our design process, no matter what service we’re providing


Our architectural design responds uniquely to the complexities of individual client cultures, goals and uses. We start with thorough research and a proven process to discover not only how a new building can achieve the highest performance for its users, but also contribute in a positive way to the fabric of the surrounding community. It’s not just about a building, but about creating a new environment with a true sense of purpose and permanence.

BuiltMatrix enjoys long-term relationships with many of our clients; These relationships are a testimony to our high levels of service, competitiveness and expertise. We work with clients of all sizes, from large international companies to individual start-up franchisees. Strong client relationships are instrumental to our success.

Master Planning

In its most effective form, master planning transforms a concept into a shared vision. BuiltMatrix brings together the wide range of disciplines, skills and perspectives needed to develop a successful comprehensive master plan. Allying our talents with those of our team members, we guide the development of each plan with the future firmly in mind so that it includes all the necessary elements – from streetscape and building concepts to transit centers and open space. The result is a true sense of place rather than just a location.

BuiltMatrix is proud of her long list of satisfied clients and repeat contracts, that we deliver a great project, on time, and on budget.

Interior Design

Interior design is spatial strategy that requires a very methodical approach. Listening, questioning and information gathering are just the beginning of the process of creating a place that reflects each client’s vision, style and brand. To create innovative, visionary design we start with no preconceptions, open to all the possibilities. Our goal is to create spaces that are flexible, durable, and timeless — spaces that respond to organic growth and changing needs.

Our Organization built on a foundation of hard work and dedication specializing in General Contracting, Construction Management, Design-Build, Consulting and Concrete.

Urban Design

We bring design experience and sensibility to the form of cities, the fabric of urban life, the process of engagement and the policies of implementation. Our work enriches lives through the design of extraordinary places, focusing on the best qualities of urban life.We create sustainable city environments and enduring places of beauty that transform our everyday lives. Our designers work in places of magnificent urban opportunity that demand creativity in tackling growth, transformation, leadership challenges, and community passions.

Design & Build

When building a new house, people often turn to architects to kick off the project. However, a different model is becoming quite popular: design-build. Instead of dividing tasks between separate architecture and construction companies.We take on the responsibilities of architects, contractors and construction companies, all under one roof. These full-service firms focus on a streamlined design-build process — from the initial design to the estimating phase to physical construction — in the hope of creating an efficient experience for both the client and the company

Built Asset Management

BuiltMatrix provides a commitment to service excellence, with a proactive, solution driven approach to adding value. We recognise that effective management of your assets is a key factor in adding value. Our ability to provide additional services will assist with the strategic decisions throughout the investor property cycle.

We approach institutional asset and property management by focusing on three key areas which allow us to manage property to a higher standard and maximise asset value.